• THINKFILM is a new Cape Town production company, representing director Ian Henderson. With a desire to tell emotionally compelling stories, and a vivid, fresh and highly flexible approach, we are on putting our mark on the local film landscape.

Carrots Don’t Always Grow Straight!

What happens when a globe-trotting musician unpacks his bags and starts growing vegetables in his back garden? In a little corner of Africa that seems to have taken up a global obsession with all things green, organic, and local? According to Matt Allison, minor gardening celebrity: “It’s the story! People are interested in the story.” A short documentary about gardens, cooking, music and funny looking vegetables. Opening track by Faded Paper Figures ‘I fell off my name’ courtesy of themusicbed.com, and the closing track is Matt’s own, ‘Interlude’. More on Matt and urban farming in South Africa at plantingthoughts.com.